No harm in dreaming


“leave your broken windows open
and in the light just streams
and you get a head, a head full of dreams”

-A Head Full Of Dreams//Coldplay

Twisting and turning, she perspired all over. The blanket that covered her had become her cage, confining her to it. It had become a net in which she was tangled, unable to escape. It had become molten tar, like quicksand, drowning her.

She awoke with a start, it was the middle of the night or rather very early in the morning, around 3 am, and she was in her bed, all safe, in the comfort of home.

“It felt so real though”, she said to herself, sitting up in her bed and staring blankly ahead. She poured herself a glass of water and then let herself fall slowly into the arms of sleep.


The sunlight filtered in through the curtains, the sound of the birds up and about could be heard accompanied by the rustling of the leaves blown by the slight breeze of the morning. He woke up with a smile on his face, still trying to place the contents of his room as he shifted his focus from the setting sun and lapping waves of the beach to the huge empty wall of his apartment. “Been a long time since a slept so soundly”, he said to himself as he lay in bed still trying to grab hold of a few pieces of his dream so that he had something to fall back on in the cold, hard days to come.


“It really was very vivid you know”, she told Zephyr, her cat, as she prepared her morning coffee “it felt like I would die then. He tried his best though you know, to try and save me, I woke up just as he stretched his arm out to me. He was nice, whoever he was.” She shrugged and looked towards Zephyr who was busy cleaning herself on the table. “I know you care, you just don’t show it, I know, I understand.” She smiled and stroked her affectionately with the mug in her hand.


“I wish I really did know who she was you know, she seemed wonderful.” He said to Andy as they made there way downtown. “Well, you know they say that you only see the faces you’ve already seen before, in your dreams. So maybe you have seen her somewhere. Don’t think about it so much, it was just a dream after all.” “A little too real for a dream”, he thought, but made his way without saying another word.


“Maybe someday I’ll find him”, she thought.


“Maybe someday I’ll find her”, he thought.


After all, there was no harm in dreaming.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. 1rcsharma says:

    Dreams give rise to hope whether it is true to have or not.


    1. aninditasinh says:

      I agree completely. 🙂


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