Light filtered through her curtained window, she was lying awake, before her alarm had gone off. It had been one of those days, when she just hadn’t been able to sleep well. Days like this were becoming common to her now, especially after the accident.

Two years had gone by since that day and though there were times when it felt like something from another lifetime, there were days and more often, nights, when it would all come gushing back like water from a broken dam and in which she was slowly drowning, trying her best to keep afloat.

As she lay in bed, with the cold winter sun warming her body and Cleo her beloved cocker spaniel sitting curled up at her feet, she thought, rather hoped, like every other day, that they would be proud of the woman she had grown up to become. For just another moment she shut her eyes and tried to picture how today, Thanksgiving day, would have been like had they still been there. She saw her mother busily cooking away in the kitchen laughing at something dad had said as the aroma of pumpkin bread, sautéed asparagus and onion filled the house. Her younger brother teaching Cleo some tricks in their backyard; he would have been twelve.

She opened her eyes, fall and winter had to be, hands down, her favourite seasons, because come on, who doesn’t love holidays? Smiling she got out of bed, muffled Cleo’s head and went to the kitchen to prepare some herbal tea for herself, she was trying to keep fit with all the exercise and the healthy eating.

Kaira, at the age of twenty-three was more mature than most people at thirty. She owned a big house in Madison, Wisconsin. Had a decent job as public relations and fund raising manager for a well-known company, had experienced things which many people were fortunate enough to not have and had managed to pull herself out of denial and depression, to make something out of herself.

Two years ago the most terrible thing that she could have imagined happening to her had happened. Her parents and brother were caught in a terrible accident when their car skid off the road during a snowstorm. Her mother and father had died on the spot while her brother was taken into surgery but wasn’t able to survive due to excessive internal bleeding in his brain.

She was only twenty-one at that time, just out of college, ready to take on the world. This couldn’t have happened to her, it was something you saw in movies and read in books, it never actually happened to people, God couldn’t actually be so cruel, could he? But it happened, she hadn’t known what to do at that time. She had cried day in and day out, boxed herself up, shut everyone out. She refused to see a therapist. Some days were better than the others, she would force herself to do the things she had previously enjoyed doing.

Go for a run.

Attend music concerts and shows.

Read books.


Meet friends.

Go hiking.


Slowly, all of it helped her grow out of the spiraling cycle of hollowed feelings and depression that her life had become and she grew into a better version of herself, someone she never knew existed.

She had become confident of herself, from the way she looked right to the way she felt; from her physical appearance to her convoluted personality. She could read people, figure out how they felt, understand them. She had the most charming smile, the sort that could light up your day. Her deep brown eyes were pools of mysteries that you would be intrigued to solve. Her calm and welcoming face could make you forget all of your worries. She was a beautiful person, who, just like so many other people around the world, was trying to leave her mark. She had her own demons which she was trying to conquer and hopefully, someday she would.


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