P.S.- She loves you

She would see you everyday, in the hallways, on the field, laughing with your friends, who now, were her friends too. Every stupid, funny, annoying thing you did, somehow made her fall in love with you even more.

She would wait for you to be around, to come over to her and say “hi”, to look her way and smile, or play with her hair while you towered over her. She loved those moments she found with you.

She couldn’t help being attracted to you, even though you were a year senior. All of your peculiar habits were exactly why she loved you; but the longer she was around you she realised how indifferent you actually were towards her.

You didn’t really care about her, at least not in the way she thought you did. Those small mannerisms meant nothing after all. She thought you felt a little something towards her, but maybe she was wrong.

Instincts don’t fail you, do they? Well, maybe with her they did.

She still felt that you did feel for her, but maybe just masked it very well. They’d told her that you was shy, but she felt ignored, like you didn’t really want to talk to her. You made her feel like she didn’t have any substance, like she wasn’t good enough for you.

You made her feel unimportant, left out, while you immersed yourself in conversation with the other girls around. You played with their hair now, concentrated on what they had to say. You might not have realised, but you were slowly shattering her spirit, because this was the first time she allowed herself to feel love for someone again after a very, very long time, and though they say love is beautiful, love is actually very hard, and ugly, and filled with grey skies that pour down tears, which sometimes breaks open to give way to the filtering sunlight.


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