Today I went to the hairdresser

I wanted to do something new, so I thought of colouring my hair. I mean I already got inked so that was ticked off the list anyway. Being back home form college, and not having to spend my allowance on things like this just made me feel as thought it was the right time.

It was not the right time.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to take a dark turn, nothing extremely emotional or nerve wrecking happens or rather, happened, save the fact that there wasn’t enough time for me to get my hair coloured, and the lady told me that I should get deep highlights instead because my hair already looks coloured. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing now, but because I try to look towards the sun and let the shadows fall behind me, I take it to be a good thing.

So anyway, I went on and got a pedicure done, because all the barefoot dancing for over a month had made my feet look like raw jute, and because I still wanted a little change, I got my hair cut, only slightly because I was finally trying to grow it out.

Though it may seems like it, but this story is not about me. It is about a realisation I had while I was sitting there at the salon.

There was a new hire there, actually two, one did my pedicure for me and cut one of my nails too small that it hurts a little now, but I couldn’t get myself to really complain about it because she was so young, and just learning. So instead I smiled at her when she asked me if the pressure was ‘okay’ while she massaged my feet and legs. It was the first day for the other new hire, again a young girl, who hadn’t even been given her uniform yet. She, along with my usual attending lady, went on to blow dry and style my hair (I don’t understand why I try because my hair just never manages to settle, haha embodies me a little I guess). So another things you need to know about me is that I don’t really talk a lot, not until I have something concrete to say, I’m not against small talk or anything, I’m just not good at it. So anyway, these two women went about doing my hair, which took almost like and hour to settle, and this whole time, they went on talking about their lives and I just listened to them, no interjections.

They spoke about the different places in this small city, the families they came from, how this was their first job and the older lady had just settled here because she liked it. It got me thinking about how fortunate I was because I had the opportunity to go see the world, explore different cultures, visit places I would never have thought of visiting. It made me realise the privilege into which I was born. I had lived in a different city for most of my teenage years, I had studied in a private residential school which a totally different city, I was now living in another city and was doing my college in a completely different city. Apart from this, I had the option to travel within my own country as well as different countries. These people here, had lived the entirety of their lives in just one place, and I found it so difficult to wrap my head around that idea because even though a city or a place keeps on changing and evolving and nothing is really stagnant, the chance of change is so much greater when you move out into the unfamiliar, you grow so much more, you meet so many different sorts of people, your circle of life experiences increases and at least from my perspective, you live a more fulfilled life and feel a lot more alive.

Their lives were just home, work, and back home again, with maybe going out once in a while to the same restaurants they had been visiting since they were kids. I couldn’t have been able to live that way, it’s too suffocating for me, but then again, that’s just me. There are so many people who feel a lot more happier in the familiar and that is again just there own perspective of looking at things, and their life experiences, though not varied, still happen to be those very defining moments that make them who they are. I just think, there’s a lot to be learnt from every single person in the world and every single place in the world, that is why, I value the ability to have the option of being in constant change and travel in the highest regard.

So yes, these were the thoughts that were going on inside my head in that one hour when the two ladies tried to style my hair and talked, and I just sat there expressionless staring at my own reflection.


P.S.- I will be back there in a few days, because I am still looking for a change, for the change that is the few strands of my naturally coloured hair.


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