Sculpture 1/3

You know how, when you have nothing to do, you just kind of manage to find yourself involved with a lot of things, and just somehow manage to sign-up for everything that comes up? Well, that is exactly what I did when I signed up for a sculpture workshop for three days.

Today was the first day, we tried to feel the clay in our hands, tried to make it one with ourselves while making spheres and cubes out of it. By ‘we’ I mean a group of kids, with maybe two fifteen year olds, a lady in her forties and the graduate student who was teaching us.

At first we imitated an empty bottle, it was rather slender. I reduced the height by half and doubled the breadth so it didn’t look exactly like the object, but it was still a pretty good imitation. The second task was when things went out of hand for me. We had to create a face, like a legit 3-dimensional structure of a face. When the girl who was teaching us did it, it looked to simple, and I thought I’m going to ace this session, but as it turned out, I couldn’t even get the shape of the head or rather skull right. When I went on to do the detailing, I ended up making the sculpture look like a horrendous piece of art, and having studied art philosophy, I knew that my work would be classified as ‘bad art’, and that’s why not even as art in many art theories.

I was sad, because even though I’m lazy, I’m a perfectionist. I like things when they’re the way which looks the most appealing to an onlooker, and something I made myself, I really did want it to look appealing. There was another girl though, one of the fifteen year olds, who was very good with her work, and I hated it because I wasn’t. I’m not saying this in a derogatory manner, I was just jealous that she could do something and I couldn’t; but then I kind of managed to hold my mind before it wandered off too much, by telling myself that not everyone can be good at everything, and that probably that girl couldn’t play a sport to save her life, so was a pathetic dancer, or something like that. I know that it’s not correct to put some person down, and to judge them, but I’m sorry, I was feeling bad and so I thought of all this in my head while my hands and my outward composure was still trying to figure out who to make that face correctly.

I also managed to find myself a Russian professor, I went to his very house for this workshop, and we decided that I could start soon, maybe from the eighteenth and then could continue it online since I would be out of town. Hopefully that will go off better than the class, because I do think  I have a mind for the more intellectual aspect of things, not the labour part of it. This was another thought that I had while making the bottle.

When I was walking back, yet again I found myself thinking how slow and monotonous life in a small town or city is. There’s nothing much you can do to enjoy yourself, at least I couldn’t think of anything, but maybe that’s because I have no friends here. Life is always better with friends.

So anyway, this sculpture workshop was the highlight of my day, so you can see how truly uneventful my life is.

Oh, also, I made chocolate-peanut butter ice-cream today, along with waffles and a great omelette. Life is good when food is involved.

And again, my right big toe is hurting like crazy because that stupid pedicure girl cut my nail way too short.

Another great highlight to end my post on, well, Ed Sheeran is going to be performing here in November! I’m already super excited for it, I missed his last concert and cannot miss this one. So yay! Looking forward to November now, and will also most probably go for Nh7 this year so yay again!

Anyway, going to leave you on the hopeful, happy note.


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