I’m a graduate student studying liberal arts from Symbiosis in Pune, India. I finished my schooling from Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer in Rajasthan, India. I spent my childhood in New Delhi where I went to The Mother’s International School, and moved out at the age of eighteen to live in a smaller city, Baroda in Gujarat, India.

I love to travel, and I’ve visited a number of places, old and new, big and small in my own country, but I have also traveled to Europe for a while, and even Bhutan, both exchange programs from school.

I also love playing sports and am a part of the university girls football team. I used to do track and field in school, and was also captain of my team.

I have a cat, and people do identify me as a cat person, but I also love dogs, and it’s because of the fact that I live in an apartment that I’ve never kept a dog, they need space to run around, and it’s not fair to them.

Two years ago, I would have most definitely said I’m an introvert, but I guess I’ve grown as a person and moved more towards the ambivert section of the gradient scale. I would have also identified myself as a coffee fanatic, now I enjoy tea a lot more, though obviously, coffee has it’s own place.

I used to love reading, but with time I guess I’ve got slightly bored of it. Or maybe because I’m living in the millennial generation now, I prefer instant gratification, therefore, I watch tons of movies and TV shows, mostly all American (world domination right there, haha). I am trying to get back into the reading grind though, hopefully the importance of it will dawn upon me before it’s too late.

If you’ve reached this far, I’m surprised, because honestly, even I wouldn’t have read past the first few lines, but if you did, I’m also very happy and obliged, so thank you.

I love talking to new people, so you could get in touch with me through email.  anindita.sinh@gmail.com